Your Tree Is Your Centerpiece  

With the holiday season upon us, Christmas decorations are in full bloom, but no holiday home decor is complete without a perfectly sized and lit Christmas tree. Thirty-two million Americans in 2018 purchased a real tree for their home, a number that supports the trend of families wanting an authentic tree. The opportunity to buy a real tree may be slipping away, but if you are still considering making this purchase, knowing how to care for your tree correctly could give you the confidence to make that decision. Nothing is worse than buying a new tree and having it die before Christmas, so here are a few tips in keeping your tree healthy throughout the holiday season.

The Lifeblood of Energy

There is no questioning that water is an essential substance on the planet. Every living thing needs water. The most common reason for Christmas trees dying is a lack of proper water. Christmas trees that you bring into your home can survive for approximately five weeks with these tips.

  1. Commonly unknown, making a new fresh cut on your tree stem is highly recommended. Even if it was cut at a Christmas tree farm. A new 1-inch cut opens the tree stem up to drink the proper amount of water.
  2. After your fresh cut, immediately put your tree in water. You need a stand that can hold at least one gallon of a liquid filled with warm water. Plain tap water will suffice, as many things that are added to tree water often lower a tree’s capability to retain water. Check this water level regularly. Your tree can drink around two gallons of water on the first day!

Location, Location, Location

Christmas trees are often strategically placed in a home to be seen by all through the holidays, but during this season, you should consider where you place your tree. Preserving the life of your tree can feel like a chore, but giving it the right location can be the help you need in extending its life. When choosing where your tree should rest, keep in mind that any form of heat will speed up the process of evaporation and the amount of moisture a tree loses. While it may feel festive to have your tree near your fireplace, this will quickly sap the life out of your tree. Televisions and computer screens also will create unnecessary heat for your tree. Keep these things in mind when picking the best location for your tree.

You’re All Set

If you follow these tips, you will make the most out of your Christmas tree this holiday season. Find the perfect spot for your tree and perfect those Christmas decorations. Your family and friends will love to visit your home. If you need help with making sure all the trees outside of your home are adequately taken care of, contact us and let us assist you in your tree care needs.